Welcome to #evenaliensmatter, this is a place I share with you my shit life, you hear constantly how great other peoples lives are but not the shit side, so with that in mind I thought, break the mould, show people that it’s OK that life isn’t perfect, life is shit and it’s completely normal!!

I don’t have a great life but I have a happy one, I don’t have any money, I can’t afford to replace the moth eaten (No Joke!) clothes I have, my two tone ginge hair will soon be a three tone badger on top of my head and I certainly don’t plaster a smile over my face pretending life is great, my face hurts if I smile too much so I reserve that for special occasions, I mean I don’t want my pretty face wrecked by smile lines do I? I’d rather wreck it with my 15 a day cigarette habit (I know, I know)

So it’s OK to say your life is shit, have the courage to admit it or take solace that someone else’s life is shitter than yours, who knows it might make you feel better?

I update my blog daily (maybe every two days) with my musings, check it out!


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