Even Aliens Matter

Hi, My name is Vera (you can call me V if you like, my fiance hates it but I wont tell if you don’t) and I am not really a girl, I am a full grown woman but all will become clear later.

Why am I starting a blog? why not!! in all fairness my life has got a bit shit (yeah I swear ALOT so if you don’t like it there is a little x above) and well, therapy for me is talking about my shit that’s gone wrong and maybe just maybe I might be able to help others with their shit lives, I am hash tagging that #shitlivesmatter.

You see it all started in 1979, it was summer and for some reason I got into difficulties when I was being born, so cue an emergency c-section for my mother and hours later she saw me and I quote “the love didn’t come to me when I first saw you, I hadn’t even had a chance to see you, so once your dad left for the night the nurse brought you in…”so that’s shitter number one, your mum declaring she didn’t love you when she first laid eyes on her beautiful baby girl, thanks mum!! As you can tell, ever since she told me I’ve had a major complex over it, she loves me now though that’s all that matters

Fast forward my teenage years (quite normal ish I think), then shitter number two happened..I married the first boy who took an interest in me, not that I thought that at the time, Well that is  bit of a lie, I had plenty of plebs as boyfriends but this one was the first one I had gone on a proper date with and I fell head over in heels love and still was in love with him many years later, we married after three months of dating…I will state I had known him since I was 11 and I was only 20 when we married, and NO THERE WASN’T A BUN IN THE OVEN!!! It was really a shitter of a problem, our marriage was fun and loving, he was and still is a lovely man, someone I will still hold dear to my heart forever.

Since Shitter number two happened I had three lovely sons (not shit) but I think I am now onto shitter 985122 and now I am fighting back!!

Much Love,

The Crazy two (soon to be three toned) coloured haired lady x